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Hi I'm Mary Collins!

Mary Collins is a property consultant known for her professionalism and exceptional service delivery. She is the founder of “Marie consulting” an international real estate consultancy and brokerage firm.
Mary is passionate about financial discipline and efficient management of resources. Trained by global leading investment and luxury real estate firms with millions of dollars in transaction volume. In this path, she has received a lot of accolades, commendations and award in the areas of professionalism and service delivery.
Having observed the market over the years and with the research carried out, she is of the belief that property investment is in fact the largest source of wealth creation. In her dealings with individuals globally, she identified that, the wall between a party and financial freedom isn’t money but education. For this reason, she has taken a consultative approach to serving her audience.
Academically, she has a bachelor in economics. Internationally certified real estate investment and financial management professional. 

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An international real estate consultancy that focuses on the investors’ prior situation to ensure that an investment is tailored to the client’s need and objective to obtain a positive return. Marie takes a customer-centric and educative approach to its delivery, ensuring absolute value for the investor. Partnering with trusted providers in cities with great potentials.

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